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Welcome to the world of Pb retro bots, robots and ray guns. Here you will find robots handmade from everyday items from around the house and work shop.  My retrobots or assemblage art robots however you would like to refer to them are all lovingly put together in my studio. I have no idea of what I’m going to build but will see a robot looking out at me from the bits and pieces that are lying around my work shop. Some of my robot sculptures may start with a pair of legs and stay that way for a while until I can find the right body to get them to the next level of construction. Part of the fun in assembling my robot sculptures is that they all start to take on a personality of their own. This helps me to give them a name and come up with a story for each robot. One of my favourite robot sculptures was booster. This retro bot was one of my first builds and I was able to write a story about this robot that is on going to this day.
                     Where did this all start for me? As a child growing up in the 60s I was introduced to such stories as Dan Dare the Rocketeer. Comics were getting interesting to us kids our TV programs were full of science fiction with heroes fighting robots from far off galaxies. Robbie the robot was big at that time everyone wanted a robot like him. Now following my dream and having been inspired by the stories from Isaac Asimov and his writings of robots and humans I built a robot based on his story Robot AL76 goes astray. This retro robot sculpture has become my centre peace for all of my robots. You will see him in my logo and on my facebook page and in other places.
               Where is my robot inspiration taking me? At the moment I am getting excited about steampunk and this fashion of steam meets Victorian England. If you look at it, its Jules Vern meets caracticus pots and Victorian explorers. I love the way steam is the new oil and everything runs on it. All brass and copper with leather straps crazy machines that fly driven by steam hats with goggles and glasses with multiple lenses. Now I have a range of retro ray guns made from brass and copper with vintage wiring to give them the feel that they were made in the period of the late 1890s one of the best parts of using these materials is that it takes on its own natural patina a look that is hard to reproduce. Also in my collection of robot sculptures are my brass steampunk robots some of which will soon be made as robot table lights. Like all of my retro bots I have kept the stories going with my steampunk range of robots and ray guns here you will find the world of Dr Halberstadt a German inventor of military weapons for the new luft patrol a world police force that keeps the peace in our galaxy.  

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