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Big Foot




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Welcome to the world of pb retro bots handmade robot sculptures by pb robots. Buying one of my robots will give you a one off piece of robot art for your home. Each one of my retro robots is put together with care and careful consideration to its look and finish. When building my retro bots I try to keep a retro science fiction look about them. I am strongly influenced with the vintage look of the early 1940s TV and comic book robots. This theme is kept all the way through the build including the packaging with all of my retro bots being shipped to their new homes in handmade shipping crates constructed from light timber. Once you receive your robot sculpture in side its packing crate along with your retro bot you will find a certificate of authenticity and on the reverse side will be the short story about your robot sculpture or robot light. One other influence I am using in some of my junk bots comes from the steampunk image. This is a Victorian age of mechanical wonders run on steam with a strong Jules Verne influence to it. All of my table lamps have been carefully put together using the latest reproduction vintage flex and retro inline rocker switch and come fully tested with its test label on the switch. Many of my robot sculptures are just that but once on display they make a wonderful talking piece an unusual piece of art to enhance anyone’s home.
The story of Big Foot
Big Foot came to PBRobots sometime ago. After having trouble at his job parking cars in the new stacking system car parks, where cars are lifted on to a shelf by a big foot robot. Not only was he parking the car but he was leaving the driver in it as well. Now he is quite happy stacking shelves in his local superstore.

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