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Pbretrobots is the home to handmade robots from found objects. All of my robots I try to create a robot that wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction move. Some of my designs are film based like the predator robots you will see on my web site. Though this one was put together after reading about the willys jeep used in the second world war. Made from left over plumbing parts and small cake tins I was able to give him that real army look. While I’m building my retro bots they start to take on their own personality and this helps me to give them a name and also enables me to give them a short story. Once you have decided on buying one of my robot sculptures or even a robot light for your table. It will be safely packed in to a handmade wooden crate that is stencilled with the pbrobots Inc logo and the handle with care on the top and sides of the crate. Also in side with your retro bot will be its certificate of authenticity and the story of your robot printed on to the reverse side of the certificate. 
The story of G.P.W
G.P.W was discharged from the U.S army after field trials went a little wrong. His discharge report reads. PFC G.P.W was discharged from military service due to his constant discharge of his weapon not only in the field but in the general’s tent. The US army cannot be responsible for the safety of their country with such a menace in its army. Though having spent time with him i just think he’s not that keen on the US army. He's submitted an application for the German army and hope's to hear from them soon. But in the mean time he's looking for someone to billet him.

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