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Harry Flanders




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Dr Halberstadt trench robot communications sgt. One of the most important robots on the battle field Introduced to the world army in 1912. After field tests over there fist year in service with the world army they would also be placed in small units within the luft patrol seeing service on a few of their long range luft balloons. During the first few weeks of the great Martian war of 1914 1918 they were targeted by the Martians as they were unable to break the codes that the robots were using. The Martians could never get one to study as they all had a built in self destruct which would be triggered if they were ever captured. The robots would use a new code for each message using a system that only the robots could understand. Like all of Dr Halberstadt’s robots these were given a name. Having started the war in Flanders this was used and the troops would then give them a first name. This one that has survived was named Harry Flanders by his troop. This robot sculpture stands 20inches/51cm tall.

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