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Thank you for choosing to purchase one of my robot light sculptures. The light that you are about to purchase has been carefully created and assembled by myself. The light you are viewing is Lancaster, what a great robot this is my inspiration for this one comes from within the Lancaster bomber right where the radio operator would sit and work. I’ve given Lancaster this quirky head and face of an old box brownie and a 1940s style set of headphones to match. His body looks just like a radio set ready to transmit messages back to base. His arms are parts from a bicycle and i used a couple of steady handles from a drill for legs. And to top him off coated in the two tone vintage green and cream. This really is an impressive looking robot light. This Robot light would make a fine addition to anyone’s home or office space and will capture the imagination of anyone who sees him. Not only are my robot lights great for decorating your home but they make the perfect gift for that loved one, or even a retirement gift.  Lancaster Stands 271/2 inches 70cm tall and 14 inches 37 cm wide at the shoulders. The bulb holder is an E27 Edison screw thread with an LED Edison bulb and a generous length of three core flex.

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