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major drop short




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Robot table light major drop short. This robot light is based on a 13 pound field gun used in the First World War. Here I have taken its form and redesigned it in to this unique table light sculpture for any room you feel he would suit. Starting from the top I’ve used a steel cup for his tin helmet and part of a copper water heater for his head. The main body is a vintage battery charger with a lovely slop giving the look of the shield from the field gun. The arms are both used bicycle brakes with a mix of brass fittings and a seat post to make the barrel of the gun. Both legs are again used bicycle parts a couple of saddle posts and a suspension spring all mounted on top of two baking tins. The bulb holder is an Edison e27 screw thread with an led Edison style light bulb. The size of this robot sculpture is 19inches 75cm tall and 11.1/2inches 29cm wide. All of my lights come with a genorus length of three core flex with a toggle switch under the robot.   

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