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Mk 4 Halberstadt Ray Gun




One of my loves of design is the new craze of steampunk this has a big influence on some of my designs. I have built some steampunk robots out of copper and brass and have come up with some small hand ray guns made from brass with metal hand grips. This type of art is heavily centred on and around Jules Vern books and is set in Victorian England with steam being the new age of powering everything around us from ray guns to flying machines. I have taken the time period of the late 1890s through to the early 1900s for my pieces of retro robots and steampunk ray guns. If you are looking for a nurf gun for your steampunk outfit then look no further as my Dr Halberstadt ray guns will give you that real look of a period piece with natural partnering to your ray gun. As with my retro bots and table lights each of my ray guns come in their own handmade wooden case along with a certificate and a description of your ray gun printed on the reverse side of your certificate. The world of steampunk will leave you with endless opportunities for creative new designs for items to enhance your home
The Dr the Halberstadt ray gun
This is a mark four ray gun made by the Halberstadt Company in Germany during the period from 1915 to 1917. It was made for the officers of the German army during this time and was ranked as one of the best ray guns the army hand ever received. Though only made in small numbers there are a few that come up for sale now and again finding one in this condition is a rare find. Though we do our best at PBRobots to try and restore them as best we can.

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