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Thank you for choosing to purchase one of my robot light sculptures. The light that you are about to purchase has been carefully created and assembled by myself. The light you are viewing is Normandy, my 6th June 1944 inspired robot light complete with invasion stripes. This really is one for the military enthusiast complete with the correct olive green of the day and a brodie helmet to top him off. Just under his helmet i used an old foot pump cylinder to fashion his head. This on top of an old Aovmeter with legs made from a variety of parts baking tins bicycle parts and a washer lance. His arms a mix of parts also some gas taps and even a piece off my old bench saw. This really is an impressive looking robot light. This Robot light would make a fine addition to anyone’s home or office space and will capture the imagination of anyone who sees him. Not only are my robot lights great for decorating your home but they make the perfect gift for that loved one, or even a retirement gift.  Normandy Stands 26 inches 66cm tall and 10 inches 25 cm wide at the shoulders. The bulb holder is an E27 Edison screw thread with an LED Edison bulb and a generous length of three core flex. 

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