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Welcome to the world of pbretrobots, here you will find robots made from found objects and items of everyday use put together to create robots made in the form of assemblage art. All of my retro robots have an influence from the early days of sci fi from the 1940s. These robot sculptures are all hand made pieces created by myself, each one is a one  off indevidual piece of assemblage art. So when you are looking at one of my robot sculptures to buy you know that you will be the owner of a unique piece of robot art.                  


 Assemblage art. robots for robot collectors.



Radio Room

brass and copper table lamp in a steampunk style




These Robots are made from vintage shavers and give a great 40s Si Fi look to them. This Robot is 17 inches/43cm tall real retro looking robot




you can also find my lights at two columbia road london.





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