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Alpha 56




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ALPHA 56 robot light sculpture. This is my Chris Foss inspired light. Taken from the colours used by this artist I have created Alpha 56 a maintenance droid who roams the corridors of star ships making sure that everything is working correctly. Made from old parts from a vintage radio I used one of the old valves to fashion his head then gave him a glass helmet. A set of bicycle break leaves for arms and a spanner to finish them off. The bright yellow body comes from an old battery charger with the legs a collection of various parts a box spanner and part of a binocular to help keep him standing. Alpha 56 stands a good 20 inches 21cm high and 10 inches 26cm wide. The bulb holder is an E27 Edison screw thread with a vintage Edison bulb supplied. There is a generous length of flex with the on off switch located on the underside just in front of his left leg. 

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