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Atlantic 12 0002




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Welcome to the world of pbretrobots, here you will find robots handmade from found objects and items of everyday use. All of my retrobots get there influence from the early sci fi era from the 1940s. These robot sculptures are all handmade by me and each one is a one off piece of art. So when you are looking at one of my robot sculptures to buy you know that you will be the owner of a unique peace of robot art. Some people refer to them as junk bots or even robots made from found objects. As each one is built I like to give them a name along with a short story that goes with your retro robot. Once you have bought your robot sculpture or robot lamp he will be shipped out to you along with a certificate of authenticity with the robots short story printed on the reverse side. All of my robot sculptures are packed in to a wooden packing crate handmade to each robot sculpture and stencilled with the pbrobots Inc logo and handle with care over the top and sides of each crate.  If you are buying one of my robot lights you will find that each robot lamp is made from modern day electrical fittings and then safety tested before going on sale.  When you have one of my robot sculptures in your home you will find him a great conversational peace of robot art that you will love for years to come.
The story of Atlantic 12 0002
The Atlantic 12 series robot was a run of classic robots in the 1930s though it's very rare to see them now. They shot to fame in the early science fiction films of their day. This one staring in such classics as The Rocketeer, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and many more movies to his name. Here at PBRobots we love to have them come for an over haul and respray

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