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Avo meter Light




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One of my many robot lights that I love to build. This one is based on a US Navy ship and comes in navy grey with numbers on his bulb shield. All of my lights are handmade using vintage parts or recycled parts to help me create these unique one off pieces of assemblage art. This robot light is made from vintage electrical testing equipment and camera parts for his feet with some old spanners for arms and the rest is well imagination to get him to this fine light that will look great in anyone’s home. All of my lights are put together with modern electrical components and have a generous length of flex with an inline rocker switch to operate the light. All of my large lights are fitted with an E27 Edison screw thread bulb holder. All lights are sold without bulbs. All of my lights are PAT tested before going on sale. #industriallighting #industriallight #industrialdesign #robotlight #streampunklight #steampunkdesign #handmade #homefurnishing #homedesign


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