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Hornby, this table light is based on the iconic British rail carriages and stations from the 1940s. I have taken the two colours used during this period to give Hornby this classic look. The cream complements the maroon very well with him. I have tried to use parts that give Hornby a slightly locomotive look as well. I’ve used an old carburettor to start him off from the top mounted on an old battery charger. His arms are bicycle parts and to keep him up right a couple of sturdy legs made from springs and a drill handle. All placed on top of two baking tins to steady him. All of my lights come with an LED Edison light bulb with an e27 screw thread and a wire mesh shade. His on off switch is a toggle switch mounted in the front of the robot light for ease of access. All of my light come with a generous length of three core flex. Hornby stands 18.5 inches 47 cm tall and 10.5 inches 27 cm wide.   

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