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Lt Berite Brassbuckle




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Welcome to the world of pbretrobots where we make handmade robot sculptures and retro robot lights. Buying one of my robots will give you a one off piece of robot art for your home. The retro robot you are looking at is a steampunk robot made mostly from brass. Steampunk is the Victorian age of mechanical wonders run on steam with a strong Jules Verne influence to it. This style of retro robot can also be known as junk bots or up cycled robots made from found objects. With all of my robot sculptures the theme is kept the same an individual robot with its own story and carefully packed in to a wooden shipping crate that is stencilled with the pbrobots Inc, logo and handle with care on the top and side of the create. Also in the crate is the robots certificate with its short story printed on the reverse side. It’s not only steampunk robots that I make I have taken time to put together a range of steampunk ray guns for steampunk enthusiast to help enhance their costumes these ray guns are made up of brass parts with metal handles and vintage wiring to give them a real Victorian look. As all of my retrobots have names and stories the same can be said for my ray guns.
The story of. Lt Bertie Brassbuckle.
this is Lieutenant Bertie Brassbuckle of the first battalion of luft rangers of the world luft patrol. Lt Bertie was built to help with piloting the new luft patrol air ships of the day. Normally they would help out flying the ship during the night while the crew would sleep. During the day Lt Bertie would make sure that the maintenance of the air ship was carried out. On one morning the captain asked Lt Barite if he had had a gas leak in the night on the bridge. But Lt Bertie replied that it wasn’t him and he thought it might have been the second in command.

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