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Candle Wick




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What you see here is a robot sculpture made from found objects. All of the items that make up this lovely robot light are used or broken parts that would normally be thrown away. All of my robot sculptures are handmade and are unique pieces of robot art work. In buying one of my retro bots you are buying something that no one else has and will make for a great talking point with family and friends. Once you have chosen either a robot sculpture or a retro table lamp it will be carefully packed in to a handmade wooden packing case along with a certificate of authenticity. Each case is then stencilled with the pbrobots Inc logo and handle with care on the top and sides of the create. While building my robot lamps and sculptures they start to take on a personality of their own. This helps me to give them a name and also to make up a short story about each retro bot. All of this information is placed on to the certificate and the story is printed on the reverse side. All of the electrical components are modern fittings the flex is reproduction three core twisted brown flex. The bulbs are Edison screw thread but personal choice as to the style of bulb is down to the owner of their robot lamp.
The story of Candle wick
Candle wick robots are a long out of date robot. they were made to accompany light house keepers out at sea or on land at all of the light houses around the coast line. Made with bright orange feet and an orange collar to make them more visible during bad weather conditions while up on top of the light house keeping the light burning bright at all times.

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