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Zack and his Sky skimmer




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Here at Pbretrobots the home to handmade robots from found objects I like to build robots that have been influenced either by my love for retro styling or the classic B movie but from time to time something in a news item will also get my attention like the day people say that a ufo collided with a wind farm. While building my retro bots they start to take on their own personality and this helps me to give them a name and also enables me to give them a short story. From time to time I like to create retro bots that are groups so as to create small families of robots for people who would like matching robots for their collections. Once you have decided on buying one of my robot sculptures or even a robot light for your table. It will be safely packed in to a handmade wooden crate that is stencilled with the pbrobots Inc logo and the handle with care on the top and sides of the crate. Also in side with your retro bot will be its certificate of authenticity and the story of your robot printed on to the reverse side of the certificate.  When it arrives you will have a unique talking peace of robot art for you to admire for years to come. Many of my robots have gone to homes all over the world which means that pbrobots is truly international.
The story of Zack
We found this little Robot in a bit of a spin after a collision with a wind turbine in England. Zack just loves flying his sky skimmer as fast as he can. Though when we asked him how he came to hit such a large object, Zack told us that a bird had left something on his wind screen and his wiper just made it worse.

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